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Diagnosis and treatment planning are the keys to success

Our years of specialized training and experience allow us to more accurately identify the cause of the problem and recommend a course of treatment that is designed specifically for your long-term success.

Skilled surgical care, exceptional results

At PermaDent, our surgeons offer expert care for a wide range of dental conditions, from routine tooth extractions, dental implants and gum grafts to the most complex, customized treatment plans. We perform safe, effective and predictable surgical procedures so you can feel confident in the results.


At PermaDent, our patients benefit from our years of expertise and the latest technological advancements to get their customized treatment plan during their comprehensive consultation. We educate and empower our patient to make the best choices for their oral health while making it simple and easy to implement.


Comprehensive Exam

We use the latest technology that we have at our disposal to get clear picture of your oral health.


Treatment Plan

You’ll walk out of our office with a treatment plan the same day you have your consultation!



We know you’re excited for your new smile! All you have to do is schedule; we’ll take care of the rest!

The path to oral health begins here.

For most of us, what we know about dentistry, we learned as kids: brush twice a day, get a cleaning twice a year, and any cavities are your fault.

What we didn’t learn about is the role genetics play in our dental makeup and that those cavities might not be our fault at all. We weren’t told about the effects medications can have on our oral health, especially as we age, and how to be proactive in combating them. And we definitely didn’t learn about the causes of bone loss or gum recession!

Fast forward many years and we find ourselves faced with the potential of tooth loss, needing a root canal or dental implant, or told we have gum disease – and it always comes at the very worst time.

Early intervention and education can help stop or even prevent what we call “the dental domino effect,” – what often happens when we attempt to fix a problem without really understanding its cause.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Our specialists have invested heavily in their dental implant training. We can provide implants for the tooth or teeth in question while preventing further issues and preserving the integrity of your oral health.



Whether you need a routine bone or tissue graft or your case is large and complex, our specialists have the skills and expertise to do it right the first time. We predictably and consistently deliver exceptional results that optimize your oral health.

Non-surgical periodontic therapy

Non-surgical periodontic therapy

Battling periodontal disease can be a long process. Our team of specialists have the education and experience to get your oral health back on track and optimize the appearance and function of your smile for years to come.

You deserve uncompromising quality and exquisite results

Needing dental implants or periodontic therapy is not always an easy reality to come to terms with. We understand the emotional impact that this can have, and our whole team is dedicated to ensuring your long-term health and success. We are true specialists in the top of our field and can handle the most complex cases with integrity and predictability.

When it comes to your smile we know that form and function bear equal weight. We consistently deliver exquisite results that are durable, long-lasting, and support your overall health. Our specialists both treat current issues while preventing subsequent ones, keeping your education and trust at the core of every treatment plan. Here, we take the time with each patient to clearly set expectations and give you the information and education you need to feel empowered and secure in your choices.

True healing begins with a clear understanding of the problem.

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