Meet Our Doctors

PermaDent is a multispecialty practice. All the dentists at our Torrance, CA office are specialists. This means that they have received additional training and certification in specialties recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). You can visit our practice with assurance that our specialists have mastered these areas of dentistry. In addition, they have extensive practical experience providing care to patients.

MariaElena Rodriguez, DDS

MariaElena Rodriguez, DDS

MariaElena “Malena” Rodriguez has been practicing in Torrance for nearly 20 years. Initially achieving certification as a prosthodontist, Dr. Rodriguez expanded her training with a prestigious implant dentistry fellowship at Loma Linda University.

In addition to her patients, Dr. Rodriguez is committed to her community. Having spent 8 years on faculty at the UCLA School of Dentistry, she continues to mentor students and young dentists. She is also a member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood, an organization dedicated to providing women around the world with educational opportunities.

Sherri - Dental Assistant

Perry R. Klokkevold, DDS, MS, FACD

Perry Klokkevold has been practicing dentistry as a periodontist for more than 25 years. He is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists and an internationally recognized expert on periodontics and implantology. With more than 60 articles and 100 book chapters published, he is co-editor of Clinical Periodontology (10th -13th eds), the most widely read and respected periodontics textbook. In addition to his outstanding expertise, he brings a kind and compassionate approach to dentistry that all his patients appreciate.

Sherri - Dental Assistant

Linda Yang, DDS

Dr. Linda Yang, DDS, achieved her periodontal specialty in 1986. With more than three decades of experience in treating periodontal diseases, she has earned an outstanding reputation as one of the leading periodontists practicing in California. She has also served as the director of the Residency Program in Periodontics at the USC School of Dentistry. She also developed several courses at the school. Dr. Yang has lectured nationally and internationally on periodontal topics. She brings a quiet manner and a friendly smile that helps people feel comfortable even when needing serious dental treatment.

Our Technology

At PermaDent, we utilize technology to provide our patients with better care. We’ve chosen our technology carefully to help improve your dental experience as well as your dental treatment results. Trios scanners mean you don’t have to bite down into impression trays filled with goo. The Wand is a precise anesthesia system that ensures you always get numb where necessary, but not more than necessary so you can enjoy greater comfort and a shorter recovery time after treatment.
We also utilize an in-house dental lab so we can provide optimal restorations faster than using an external lab.


No. While many of our patients do get referrals to our office from their dentist or their doctor, it’s not required. People often come to our office without a referral because they didn’t get a referral from their dentist, didn’t like the specialist they were referred to, or are looking for a second opinion.

Yes. People often seek us out because of our experience and reputation. With oral surgery procedures, it’s important to get a second opinion because the procedures often have serious, irreversible consequences.

When you schedule an appointment for a second opinion, we’ll let you know what documentation (such as x-rays) we need to provide a reliable second opinion. If you don’t have supporting documentation, we may take CT scans and/or X-rays in our office as part of the exam. There is an additional charge for imaging.

In order to be recognized as a dental specialist, dentists must pursue additional education and training in a dental specialty after getting their dental degree (DDS or DMD). A dental specialty is a discipline recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). This additional training is rigorous and is regulated by the ADA to ensure that dental specialists meet the highest standards for knowledge and skill in treating their relevant conditions.

Yes. Most of the procedures we offer are at least partly covered by dental insurance. Bring your dental benefits information and insurance cards to your examination appointment. If you want, we can submit a preapproval claim to determine the level of coverage your plan provides.

Looking for Specialist Care in Torrance?

Are you in need of periodontal care? From nonsurgical periodontal care to dental implants and sinus augmentation, our specialists are ready to offer you compassionate, high-quality care. Please contact us today for an appointment at PermaDent in Torrance, CA by calling (310) 325-9969.