Trios is a digital scanner that we can use instead of taking physical impressions using bite trays filled with goo. Trios is like a magic wand that we can simply wave over your teeth, and it creates a 3D digital model of your mouth that we use to plan dental procedures and design restorations, surgical guides, retainers, and more. It’s faster than traditional dental impressions, and it can be more reliable, especially compared to getting physical impressions when you’re numb and might have trouble biting down. Because it doesn’t require that we touch your teeth and gums, we can use it to get postsurgical impressions without disturbing the surgical site.


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has transformed implant dentistry. This is a technique that takes a series of X-rays at slightly different angles to create a computerized 3D model of your bone structure and teeth. It lets us see the shape, density, and type of bone you have under your gums so we can precisely plan your dental implant procedures.

CBCT is better for dentistry than traditional CT scans you might get at a hospital or outpatient center. First, the machine is open, so there’s no claustrophobic experience. Second, the resolution is very fine, giving us the detailed information we need to plan your implant procedure.

STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia): “The Wand”

Traditional dental anesthesia can be frustrating. It not only hurts when you get an injection–the numbness spreads to your tongue, cheek, and lips, even for a relatively minor dental procedure. The STA system is a computer-controlled anesthesia system that delivers anesthesia so gently that you experience no discomfort with the injection. Plus, it delivers just the right amount of anesthesia needed for your procedure–there’s no extra numbness in your face.

Digital Smile Design

When making complex decisions, it’s good to have as much information as possible beforehand. One of the benefits of digital smile design is that it lets us show you what your smile might look like after completing your treatment plan.

In addition, digital smile design lets us complete your smile designs quickly and accurately while improving communication with the in-house lab, computerized restoration creation, or the dentist who will handle your dental restorations.


AIRFLOW is a system that blows a stream of abrasive particles. We can control the flow of these particles to achieve many goals, such as gently removing tartar with no damage to your teeth. It’s more comfortable and accurate than traditional ultrasonic scalers.


The Waterlase system combines water, air, and laser energy to shape hard and soft tissues in your mouth. It makes it easier, faster, and more comfortable for us to perform dental procedures. You’ll get fast, accurate, and almost pain-free dental treatment when we use Waterlase. The tool can help with everything from nonsurgical periodontal treatment to extractions and bone graft procedures.


In the past, dentists had to send away to labs for custom dental appliances. However, at PermaDent, we have the tools to create many of these appliances in-house. With 3D printing and computer-controlled milling machines, we rarely need to delay treatment to wait for a lab to supply us with essential tools. We can make surgical guides, retainers, and more in-house so your dental treatment is smoother, faster, and more convenient.

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