Why Doctors Refer Patients to Us

We often accept referrals from doctors when their patients need advanced periodontal care and/or oral surgery.

Doctors often refer patients to us for help with:

  • Sinus augmentation
  • Management of challenging periodontal disease

Essentially, we can help whenever your patient needs help with periodontal treatment when their current care is not enough or their current dentist can’t provide optimal care.

Perfect Team Players

As specialists with decades of experience, we’ve often had occasion to work with doctors, dentists, and even other specialists in providing perfect care to our patients. We know that everyone benefits from a well-coordinated team approach, and we’re prepared to help your team in any way you need. We are happy to fulfill the role you define for us on your team. We can also take a leadership role in coordinating treatment if it’s best for your practice and your patient.

We know some dentists are reluctant to refer patients for fear of losing them. Because we are a specialist practice, we aren’t looking for new general dentistry patients. We will return your patients to you when their care is complete. Don’t be surprised if they view you with even greater respect because of the quality care you referred them for.

Periodontal Support for Doctors and Dentists in Torrance

If you’re a doctor or dentist in the Torrance, CA area with patients who need more periodontal care than you can provide, we’re here to help. The outstanding dental specialists at PermaDent have decades of experience, and we’re ready to put our reputation on the line to give your patients the best possible care.

Please call (310) 325-9969 or use our online form today to get the referral process started for your patient today.