Schedule Your Appointment

When you contact us about your appointment, let us know your situation. Are you looking for a second opinion? Has your dentist referred you to our office? Do you have a diagnosis but aren’t sure what treatments you need? Have you decided to go ahead with dental implants after wearing dentures for years?

Also, let us know how you want us to contact you. It’s often best to talk on the phone, but some things we can handle by text and email.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and we’ll work on scheduling an appointment that works with your schedule. We’ll try to find a time relatively soon because many of the issues we deal with benefit from rapid care.

When we schedule your appointment, we’ll let you know what we need in terms of paperwork or documentation. If you have recent X-rays or other imaging, we would like to get them. If you don’t have supporting documentation, we might need to take more imaging in our office. You can fill out the new patient forms before your appointment to save time.

At Your Appointment

If you haven’t filled out the paperwork before your appointment, we ask that you arrive early to your appointment. When you arrive, our friendly staff will welcome you. If you need help filling out your paperwork, they can provide it. We can also help you with insurance information if you bring your insurance card and policy description.

Next, you will meet your dentist. They will introduce themselves and take time to get to know you. They’ll talk to you about your health history as well as your treatment goals.

Then, they’ll begin your comprehensive exam. This may involve just looking in your mouth, perhaps some gentle touches in areas of concern. However, if you don’t have supporting imaging, or what your general dentist did is insufficient, your PermaDent dentist may order additional imaging. We utilize the latest technology at our office beyond what your general dentist may have access to.

Your Treatment Plan

At the end of your consultation, your dentist will present you with one or more treatment plans. There are almost always multiple options for dealing with your condition, and you are always in control of your treatment. We want to help you achieve your goals, and we’re prepared to help you balance competing restraints, such as budget, schedule, other treatment needs, cosmetic goals, dental anxiety, and more.

If you need help talking through these issues, we’re here to help, and we can do things like get pre-authorization from your insurance company if necessary.

Scheduling Treatment

Once you decide on a treatment plan, we’ll schedule your treatment appointment or appointments. If your condition is rapidly progressing, we’ll urge haste, but sometimes, we can schedule treatment at your convenience.

Your treatment schedule may also intersect with other schedules, such as your dentist’s, another specialist’s, or even your medical doctor’s. We’re accustomed to dental treatments that require a team approach and are good at coordinating schedules.

Schedule Dental Treatment in Torrance Today

If you need periodontal care, oral surgery, or dental implants, don’t wait any longer. At our dental implant center, we’re here to help, and we’re ready to help you today.

Please call (310) 325-9969 or use our online form to request an appointment at our office in Torrance, CA.